I am trying to lớn get a Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition offline distribution by executing vs_Community.exe --layout f:vs2017c as offered in the documentation (vs_Community.exe downloaded here, or by direct link) but this doesn"t work. All I get are 2 files: f:vs2017cvs_installer.version.json và f:vs2017ccertificatesvs_installer_opc.SignCertificates.p12. I have also tried /layout instead of --layout with no luck. What am I doing wrong? By the way, are there ISO files available perhaps?

UPDATE: I have installed the certificate, restarted the computer và re-tried running the installer a number of times. Nothing has really changed. A couple of times I could notice something written in red appearing in the console for less than half a second. Finally I have ran CCleaner (with full CCEnhancer custom to-clean list) lớn clean up everything (again! I have already done this before the first try) và tried again & now it is downloading...

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I thought I have succeede but I was wrong. What I have done was a bat tệp tin of the following contents:

vs_Community.exe --layout f:vs2017c --lang en-US --add As the result of running this command the installer has tried to tải về all the components (including those I did not select) in all the languages (I only need en-us).

I have noticed it is downloading what I don"t need, terminated the process & deleted everything for a fresh start. Next time I have only individual workloads instead of listing all the individual components. I have even tried simplifying it to just one workload like

vs_Community.exe --lang en-US --layout f:vs2017c --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.ManagedDesktopbut this just doesn"t work. Instead, the following pops up for half a second as the "Give us a minute. We"ll be done soon..." progress bar finishes:



I have found out that putting the backslash at the end of the layout path beraks the stuff. I.e. Vs_Community.exe --layout f:vs2017c works but vs_Community.exe --layout f:vs2017c does not. This is not the only problem, however - listing a number of workloads tohether with ;includeRecommended;includeOptional after vs_Community.exe --layout f:vs2017c breaks it too (although it worked as I"ve tried it with just one workload and one extra component và (an important condition) purged the temporary files)...

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I have managed to lớn grab the f:vs2017cq.2ho esourcesapplayoutSetup.exe you can see in the window title on the screenshot (which is a little bit tricky as it appears for just some seconds & gets automatically deleted shortly after) but its help đầu ra is very different from the one above. It seems that it chain-launched some other exe in the previous case. Its own đầu ra is below, no obvious way to specify individual workloads/components:


Finally I have given up trying lớn choose individual components & workloads and tried the following with no luck either: vs_Community.exe --lang en-en --layout f:vs2017c --all --includeRecommended --includeOptional.

At the over I have ended up using just vs_Community.exe --lang en-en --layout f:vs2017c --all - it works and only downloads the language I need, though includes a number of components I don"t need actually. The resulting directory kích thước is 18 gigabytes.

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I"ve finished downloading & dot it installed already as by now but the question about how to lớn actually use the layout feature parameters reliably the way they are meant lớn remains.