How To Delete Your Facebook Group

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Don't miss the third và final step: Remove yourself if you are the creator và admin of the page.

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Facebook groups can be both unbelievably helpful và fun for a variety of hangs, from gathering with your high school graduating class khổng lồ sharing stories và theories with other like-minded people who want lớn chat about aliens to finding jobs & selling furniture. But at some point, all good things come to an end.

When you"re ready to lớn move on from a Facebook group you created — be it because the group turned into something you didn"t intend on it becoming or because you simply no longer use it — you"ll want lớn delete it.

There are a few things you should know before deleting your Facebook group. You can only vì chưng so if you"re an admin & you created the page. If you"re an admin but didn"t create the page, you can only delete the page if the original creator chooses lớn leave it. It"s an irreversible and permanent action, and you cannot archive a group. Group members aren"t notified when you delete a group.

If you decide it"s the right decision for you, here"s what to do.

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Navigate khổng lồ "Groups"


From your Facebook trang chủ page, also known as the News Feed, click "Groups" in the left menu và select your group. If you don"t see Groups, click "See More," which should show Groups as an option. Then, find the group you want lớn delete, & navigate to lớn it.

Remove all the members


A group must be completely empty in order lớn delete it. So, once you"ve navigated to the group you want khổng lồ delete, you"ll want lớn click on "Members" below the name of the group. There, you"ll be able to see everyone who is a thành viên of that group. Click "More" next to each member"s name, select "Remove from group," và click "Confirm." You need to lớn remove every single person from the group manually.

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Leave the group


Once you"ve removed all of the other members, make sure to remove yourself by selecting "Leave group" next lớn your name.

Once you leave, the group will be deleted, và you"ll have to lớn start all over if you want to set it up again.